The power of the ATO and family law settlements

Many clients come to see a family lawyer wanting to talk about issues related to the ATO, while others haven't turned their minds to their own tax affairs for some time. Generally, we find there is a misunderstanding about the role and power of the ATO in family law property settlements.   Family law property [...]

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Making a Will if capacity is in question

It is well known that a Will is a legal document which sets out how a person wants their assets to be distributed once they die. If you are over the age of 18 you can make a Will - provided you have capacity. In general terms a person will have the necessary capacity if [...]

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Immunisation and Family Law

Some Australian parents have recently begun to question whether to immunise their children, expressing concerns about possible side-effects risks associated with childhood vaccinations.  But what happens if parents are separated and can’t agree?   Background Childhood vaccines, introduced in 1932, are said to have greatly reduced illness and deaths from diseases such as whooping cough, [...]

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