Domestic Violence and AVO’s2017-01-12T04:33:37+11:00

Domestic violence is a serious matter and if you have any immediate fears for your safety or that of your children, you need to contact the police immediately.

There are many different forms of domestic violence and abuse and unfortunately these are issues in relation to family law matters.

AVO’s are an order made by a court against a person who makes you fear for your safety or threatens or harasses you, to protect you from harassment, further violence and intimidation – a fear of future violence threats to your safety.

The person you fear must obey the order made by the court, it is an order for your future protection. If you have children, the AVO can also protect them. The AVO sets out the restrictions on the other person’s behaviour, so that you feel safe.

Remember that if an AVO is urgent you should immediately contact the police who can assist in obtaining an AVO from the court for you.